Please be aware that we must release the table again if you don't show up after 10min past the deadline.


Spicy grilled duck breast with a sweet, sour sauce made from honey, tomatoes and white wine. Served with warm rice and fresh salad. Refined with fresh coriander. - Cant be combined inside the BENTO BOX

Expand your BENTO BOX
Hungry or undecided? Choose among the 3 dishes and the drink in the BENTO BOX just other small dishes from our offer

Every other dish to an additional charge of

2.00 EUR

We do not use »fish sauce« in any of our dishes, as we provide them as a vegetarian alternative as well. Simply our beef is marinaded in »oyster sauce«. Furthermore we are not using any dairy products, we use coconut-milk instead.

Don't hesitate to ask our staff for further details.


4 homemade, steamed and grilled dumplings with chicken or
sweet potato filling.

3,00 EUR

vietnamese summer rolls with rice noodles, tofu, salad, carrot sticks,
cucumber, fresh mint and coriander. Served with a peanut Hoisin sauce

3,00 EUR

daily fresh Japanese rice sandwiches made by Nigi-Berlin.
Choose one Onigiri with either:

Beef-Leek, Chicken-Ginger, Avocado, Duck-Teriyaki
*Only from Monday to Friday for lunch and only while stocks last.

3,00 EUR

an aromatic vegetable stock with chicken-dumplings or
sweet potato-dumplings, refined with asian herbs, carrots, zucchini and fresh coriander.

5,00 EUR

fresh salad on wheat noodles. Dressed with homemade teriyaki dressing. Refined with fresh coriander and sesame.
Optionally with teriyaki chicken or tofu

6,00 EUR

warm glass noodle salad with spicy ground beef. Doused with a homemade lime dressing. Refined with fresh coriander and sesame.
Also available with tofu

6,50 EUR

a slightly hot laotian curry, which was cooked slow and carefully with chickenbreast and coconut milk. Served with warm rice and fresh salad. Refined with coriander and peanuts. *also available as vegetarian dish

6,50 EUR

Select your dishes for the Bento Box.
Choose 3 dishes from the menu, which will be served as a smaller portion in a bamboo steamer and a cold or hot beverage at lunch time.

8,00 EUR

Desert or cake and other drinks on our daily menu.